Uploading your photos via a phone or tablet

We have tried to allow for all of the popular image files found on phone cameras and digital cameras. At this stage, the program accepts jpg, gif, png, jpeg & heif.

The key when using a phone or a tablet is to work out which app is your default camera app, When you select “Add Files” on our Image uploads panel you are asked to select the app where your photos are stored. you may find that your images are stored in apps other than your standard camera app.

It is also possible that some apps capture images in formats that are not standard image formats. If this is the case you may want to change your phone back to the default camera, retake the photos and upload those images to our website.

Converting Your images
If your images need to be converted we recommend Online Convert, It’s free and very easy to use. Just convert your images and download them to your computer, then upload them to our panel.

During uploading

  • The green bar will show you your upload progress
  • The green tick will confirm that your images are loaded
  • The Start Upload button will probably not be needed as in most cases the panel will automatically upload for you
  • The Next or Submit button will disappear until your images have fully loaded

Slow internet speeds can also be a factor if it takes you over a minute to upload your images  the server will probably time out

As a Last Resort
If you are having trouble uploading images to our platform just complete the form without images, then when you receive a confirmation email attach your images to that email and sent it back to us.